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Best Sites to Select Your Next Mattress

Good mattresses are essential for a good sleep, and you should invest a solid amount into your mattress. Once you have decided to purchase a new mattress, you would want to buy a durable and a premium mattress. There is a wide array of options available, and you tend to get confused.

You might think both the mattresses offer the same features. Still, one is a little cheaper or why is it expensive despite its simple looks, it’s really difficult to decide and you need to make sure you choose the right thing because you are investing around $ 150 for starters, it can even cross the $1000 tag.

The best mattress review sites:

You might be thinking of visiting a mattress review website as you can compare mattresses there, read reviews of the people currently using them, etc. The same question arises again; there are a ton of sites offering reviews and what site offers unbiased and honest reviews.

Don’t worry we have picked a few websites from the long list available just by a mere Google search and these websites will provide you with an unbiased and authentic  best mattress review.

The sites that were lucky enough to get on our list are:


2. Sleeplikedead

3. nymag

What Websites not to visit:

There are many websites you should not visit because their content is biased, companies fund them, or they are conflicted website hence you cannot get accurate views.

We have compiled a list of all the conflicted websites:

Consumer Mattress Reviews

Best Mattress Online

Best Mattress Reviews

Best Mattresses

Why some websites were chosen as best:

You might be wondering why the above-mentioned sites were chosen as the best mattress review sites. These sites were able to fulfill each and every single criteria of ours. For starters they had unbiased content, the reviews had both the positive and negative aspects of the mattress. Moreover they were not in the list of disputed websites and a background check told that no company own them. In these modern days people just gather reviews from online shopping platforms like Amazon, Aliexpress, etc and they just rephrase the reviews and voila you have a review ready but this is not the case with the above mentioned websites as the reviewers had actually used the product before writing a review on them and the pictures that they are personally using them, they were there on the mattress and we also had the pictures checked through a graphic designer to confirm these are not edited.

The reviews were in depth, they discussed each and every single aspect of the mattresses like: price, seller they purchased from, etc and the reviews also told some minute details like: when two people are sleeping it feels that foam is too soft,etc which indicated that the reviews are real hence we can recommend this to our readers. We hope that our guide helps you in deciding your new mattress.